Why Google Analytics?

So the question is posed: Why Google Analytics? This question can be considered in two ways. Why should Google Analytics be chosen at all (i.e. what is the value of utilizing web analysis software) and why should Google Analytics be chosen over other competitors? Mind you, I am no expert on web analysis software, so this will by no means be a comprehensive examination of Google Analytics or any other web analysis software offerings available. This is just a few of my brief ideas and opinions based on a limited knowledge of the industry.

The Significance of Google Analytics

If there’s one thing that I learned in my marketing research class last quarter, it is the importance of marketing research. All decision making is based off of one’s understanding of the information available to them. Bad information, or a lack of information, means that bad decisions will be made and access to good information means that good decisions can be made. Decisions are what drive a company forward or drive it into the ground. Therefore, the importance of knowing your target market and how to create, communicate, and deliver value to them is clear. As the world is continuously venturing into the digital realm, it is important to know how to effectively market to customers through digital media. Google Analytics uses various data collection and processing tools to monitor digital performance, track potential customers online, and optimize website effectiveness. All of this information is valuable for companies to make informed decisions and to develop effective inbound marketing strategies. Good strategies and good decisions make for efficient, healthy, and successful corporations. Tools that are able to help companies analyze and interpret the information gained from digital media usage are essential for market optimization in an age where digital media reigns supreme. But why should Google Analytics be considered among its competitors?

Google Analytics Among Competitors

Forrester Research published an article in May of 2013 on a research study that they conducted comparing six of the top web analysis software offerings by leading companies. They compare these company offerings based on 75 different criteria that were categorized into three separate domains of current offering, strategy, and market presence. Their analysis concluded that Adobe, AT Internet, IBM, and Webtrends are market leaders in their web analysis offerings, while Google Analytics is considered a “strong performer” that is gaining momentum. So, why should Google Analytics be considered if falls in sixth place according to Forrester Research?

Well, just because a company is not a market leader in a certain industry does not mean that it is unable to offer an effective and quality product that meets all of its users desires. In my opinion, a product is only as good as it’s ability to fulfill and satisfy its buyer’s wants and needs. The product doesn’t necessarily need to have an excessive amount of features or all of the bells and whistles in order to accomplish this. Google Analytics is a excellent market offering that is more than adequate at satisfying the needs of its users. In fact, an article published by The Hub, a marketing technology resource news site, in September 2014 suggests that Google Analytics is the most widely used web analysis software program among small businesses, mid-size companies, and enterprise corporations. This information comes from a trustradius buying guide for digital analytics tools which lists Google Analytics as the market leader based on user ratings and segment adoption (the number of websites using the product). So apparently, market leadership depends on who you ask and on one’s choice of evaluative criteria. The point is that Google Analytics does stack up among it’s competitors in its ability to meet customer needs. Not only that, but it is supported by one of the most innovative and powerful internet service companies in the world. So, the possibilities for improvement and integration with other Google programs are endless. Not to mention that it must be doing something right if it is the most widely used web analysis tool.


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  1. bennettj2014 · April 7, 2015

    Good, you spoken to the articles and the core of the issue.


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