Hello Digital Marketing!

This is my first blog post ever, so this is new territory for me… but it’s some pretty awesome territory. I also must confess that didn’t have a twitter account before this… I know, I know, I’ve been living under a rock, but now I’m ready to emerge and explore the world of digital marketing. I have been looking forward to MKTG 476 all year and am excited about all of the things that I’ll get to learn this quarter. Seriously, this is probably my most anticipated course at Western so far. So, I’m ready! Lets do this!

A Little About Me and Why I Am Here

Just in case you haven’t already noticed, my name is Jordan. I am (like most everyone enrolled in a 400 level marketing class) a business marketing major. In addition, I’m minoring in psychology and going to also major in MIS, but marketing is my first love. As I mentioned above, I am taking this class because I am excited about what I’ll have the opportunity to learn. Beyond that, I am excited because I know that the coursework and curriculum for this class is relevant and applicable to the professional workplace, especially as the world and field of marketing continuously venture into the digital realm. I have also discovered a new-found love within myself for marketing research after taking Wendy’s class last quarter. There is something about analyzing and interpreting data that gives me some sick fulfillment. Knowing that this course involves a certification in Google Analytics is definitely like the cherry on top. With that being said, I would like to learn how to use digital media and software programs to efficiently communicate messages and analyze data in order to improve marketing processes. Basically, I love problem solving and I want to learn, not only how digital marketing can provide efficient solutions, but also how to use and apply various digital marketing programs in effective ways.

Reflection on the Readings

With my new-found love for marketing research, I was delighted to find that the readings point toward the importance of understanding and knowing the statistical, analytical, and technical side of marketing. I can easily see myself thoroughly enjoying a career that involves these facets of marketing, especially in a marketing research position. On the other hand, I recognize the importance of the conceptual and theoretical side of the industry. Karin Timpone, the Global Marketing Officer for Marriott International, highlights the importance of understanding both ends of the spectrum:

“If you are an artist, learn science. If you are a scientist, cultivate art.”

If you have an abstract conceptual knowledge in an industry, it is important to know a related technical skill, and vice versa. You shouldn’t have just one type of knowledge, you need both to be effective and marketable. Finding a balance between the conceptual and technical is not an easy one, but based on my experience in the CBE’s marketing concentration so far, courses tend to be weighted on the side of conceptual knowledge (but I’m only a third year, so the number of marketing courses that I have taken is limited). This has left me craving a hands-on specialized experience with marketing related programs and software. This craving for the technical is another reason why I am so excited for this class (…and, now that I think about it, it’s possibly the reason why I also decided to major in MIS). It is cool to see that the discrepancy between what the industry needs and what universities are teaching is being recognized, especially here at Western. But it’s one thing to recognize a problem and it’s an entirely different thing to actually take the necessary steps to solving that problem, and I am glad that this course offers some sort of a solution. Thanks Mark!


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